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Carpet Moth Larvae Will Eat Your Carpet Away...If You're Not Carefull

Carpet moth larvae damage to the carpet Carpet moth larvae damage to the carpet

Plants are part of our lives wherever we go or live. Some of us cannot live without them and they are essencial part of our home decor. But… we need to know where they cannot be placed to avoid sometimes very expensive damage.

Unfortunately, plant pots is the one thing that will most likely leave your carpet permanently damaged. We have an example on the right from one of our client so that you could see what may happen to your carpet. This is a severe case and you may not see your carpet in such state ever, but it clearly shows how bad it could get.

What causes it? Or what on Earth has happened here in our example?

That kind of destruction is caused by few things:

  • Carpet has to be wool mix or 100% wool, or other natural type fibres. (Not a man-made fibres)
  • Worm conditions in your house.
  • Water or plant food. In other words there has to be moisture. (This is usually found around plants)
  • Last but most definitely not the least – carpet moth or carpet moth larvae. You may not have them in the house right now, but carpet moths may visit your house to place their eggs due to perfect conditions for their survival.

Why under plant pots?

Not just there. They find perfect hiding places behind or under your upholstery furniture, cabinets, or any other furniture that you almost never move. But plant pots are one of the essential things they need for moisture. Larvae can simply hide in you carpet and eat it completely undisturbed, until you move your plant pot or furniture and see some 3-4 mm long (rice looking) things. Then what usually happens - you take you vacuum cleaner and start vacuuming them up and realise that carpet fibres are coming off as well. All you are left with is a patch of your carpet backing.

What carpet moth larvae does to my carpets?

Simply said – they eat it. And it's larvae not the carpet moth itself that eat it. Natural carpet or natural carpet mix is within their diet requirements to survive and grow. They will not eat man-made synthetic carpet, but plant pots may crush carpet pile and may also leave water marks on the carpet that is not always possible to remove. As professionals we advise not to place plant pots on any carpet type.

What should I do if I discover carpet moth larvae?

If you discover few of such creatures, take your vacuum cleaner and thoroughly vacuum your entire house, move all of the furniture, and make sure you thoroughly vacuum around edges of your carpet. While one type vacuum cleaners are good for wood flooring, the others with power driven brush are so much better on carpets. You will get so much more out of your carpet by using vacuum cleaner with rotating brush.

  • Now, if your carpet is undamaged in any area after thorough vacuuming – you are very lucky! Although we do highly recommend to get professional carpet cleaning company to inspect your carpet and get all of your carpets professionally cleaned and treated with insect treatment to get any remaining larvae killed and removed, to avoid repeat infestation and possible permanent damage.
  • If the damage is minimal and you only have a small patch of carpet ‘eaten’ – we highly recommend above steps to be taken to avoid any further damage to you carpet or soft furnishings and possible spreading throughout your home.
  • In extreme cases, we highly recommend to replace affected carpet and get all other carpeted areas in your home professionally cleaned. Do not forget upholstery in the room you found the damage. They would have to be at least thoroughly vacuumed.  Before installing new carpet in the affected room, make sure you throroughly vacuum flooring, all the cracks and under skiritng boards to be sure they are all gone. The last thing you want is to replace your carpet just to have it infested again. That may happen due to some of the larvae remaining around the edges of the room or hiding in you upholstery just waiting to step (crawl) back on your freshly laid carpet.


Try to keep your plants on hard surfaces, while consistently checking under the pots for any damage to other type flooring surfaces. Moisture is not a very good friend with carpet and wood.  

Regular professional carpet cleaning helps to prevent carpet moth larvae doing any damage to your carpet. Remember - hire reputable company to take great care of your quality carpets and soft furnishings and never hire someone based on cheap price. You may end up paying twice.

Should you require any further advice, please give us a call on 0161 931 9931 or click here to drop us a message. We are here to help you.

carpet moth larvae and it's damage 'Rice like' carpet moth larvae and it's damage

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